You are attracted to upbeat, positive men and may have good luck with marriage/serious relationships, Janay. Your email address will not be published. As it is linked to the head, this star also relates to knowledge and higher learning. The receipt of inheritances and gifts is very common with Taurus in the 8th house. There is also almost a sense of madness in your work however and you may tend to be a workaholic as you are so intense. Mars conjunct Algol: If Mars is elevated above the luminaries when Algol is angular, the native will be a murderer who will come to an untimely end. Se a casa est vazia, simplesmente no h um astro ou ponto que ative Algol. As someone who has prominent Uranus, Neptune and Pluto placements with Capricorn rising Why did you exclude the other signs that suffer equally? I would need to do a chart to really talk about this any authority. Algol sits on Donald Trumps Midheaven and is square to Mars in Leo and square to his Leo Ascendant. I would need you to put it in my Forum or purchase a reading from me. It is all the more so if it is not well-aspected. Venus Sextile Saturn 409 88 Venus was conjunct Algol. In the schools of mysteries in ancient times, the feminine or Divine Mother is represented as the one who suffers through incarnation and gets modified by it to the point of in this myth becoming a demon. For curiosity. However, if you want me to help you to find Jesus, that is why I am here. Could you please tell me what Progressed IC @ Algol 26 Taurus would indicate? [5]. Every 69 hours, its magnitude dips for about 10 hours before returning to full brightness again. Would have added Moon conjunct Saturn, this is one of the hardest aspects to live with! We all know the 5th house is the house of royalty and since transit Uranus is now in Taurus, thus meaning it will eventually conjunct this fixed star and Williams Venus, do you think something will happen? If anything, Id say that when applying discipline to creative endeavors, albeit frustrating, will be rewarding, especially those of a feminine expression (connecting to nature, nurturing activities such as cooking for others). also mars inconjuct saturn. It can also indicate a strong interest in sex, power, and money. Yep. This gave her so fearful an appearance that everyone who looked at her was changed into stone. Im super scared about the Violent death part, Mine might be creepier. Williams two sons both have some rather concerning, unpleasant natal aspects. I am going to go out on a limb and say anything in Virgo is hard. Is that correct? These are the 1,3,14,20 in your list. I think there are a lot of beautiful people with Capricorn asc, Megan Fox for one. Thank you for that. Medieval Arabic commanders tried to ensure that no important battle began whilst the light of Algol was weak. Benedict Cumberbatch has Jupiter on Algol. Johnny Depp also has this placement. 28/04/2016 Jessica Davidson. 19 Scorpio Serpentis- - A malefic degree, tragedy, misfortune, the "Accursed Degree". You don't need to BELIEVE in Jesus to come here and/or to contact me. Mercury Quincunx Mars January 17 and 20, 2023, Full Moon January 6, 2023 New Direction. What do you think? Oh. He is too close to himself, such as one house which is too close to another house. They may also feel as if they have many demons within that they need to fight. Lilith conj MC is a very sexy person but she may not like all the attention. Hahahaha hahah where to begin? Deja conj MC. He is too exacting with detail to the point of being anal. Moon square Mars. If you want to ask me the meaning of one aspect, I will try to help, Nessus 12th house conjunct virgo asc here, now obsessively scanning interactions for evidence that Im an abuser who doesnt know it. xxx, I think i can tell you i know what are listed in conscience with good and bad labels :))), inspite of the fact that i think there is no right or wrong. mars square ASC This planet is diverse overall and I cant wait until I travel to other places one day. My advice to you is this: its your page I get it, but people seriously look to these charts for guidance and understanding. The person feels riddled with self doubt, as if a giant inferiority complex follows them around like the cloud which follows Pigpen in Charlie Brown. I have been searching and learning things and nothing. It takes a lot of doing charts. In some cases, you may find that you feel controlled by those who contribute to your life, as if they have bought your loyalty or affection or believe that they have and expect you to do their bidding in return. But they affect you if you are experiencing a transit from that degree. i have mercury square uranus and mercury square neptune and i have pretty severe mental illness. And since he has that conjunction in his own chart, his own children might experience misfortune ? Im so very glad to have Jesus in my life and I know that he can do anything. Interpretation of the 8th house, embracing a loose, poetic, storytelling, brainstorm-style of writing. 24. Sun 1714, mecury 1435, MC 81, truelilith121, p fort 251 -cancer [4], Fixed star Algol has the nature of Jupiter, but it also has a long tradition as a trouble maker. #13, I think you were being a little, whats the word, I cant think of the word, the way you opened the piece but I agree with you, I mean I can see how that might be true. Even though Ive had mental illness before BOTH of those have served me well. Algol is located in this constellation as the myth says that Perseus was the one who cut off the famous snake-covered head of Medusa, and so the fixed star is situated in the middle of Medusas head. Pholus, Mercury conj. I disagree with no.10s self-oriented statement. in it is in conjunction with the Sun or the Moon, or the ruler of the Ascendant, or the ruler of the 8th House, the individual is very likely to experience a violent death. If you have Algol in your chart what does it mean? Algol is the worst fixed star. Your email address will not be published. I am an astrology skeptic but interested due to this discovery: I have had 2 sex partners and I recently find they both have mars in Virgo. Very informative. This makes the man wimpy, as he cant stand up. Neptune attacked and raped her, and Pallas Athena (Minerva in Roman mythology) became furious that Medusa had sexual relations on what was meant to be a sacred site inside the temple. Mercury Conjunction Venus 517 258 If you are interested in Brees services please click: Brees Services. 11. Im very aware of my behavior, so Ive never been abusive. This can be a sign of mental illness. With his extremely powerful energy, Algol would have spoiled my mystic rectangle which includes Mercury in early degrees of Gemini. Medusa is NOT a WOMAN, she is a FEMININE ENERGY. I havent been abused. Obviously I cant have any of it, but at least Now you know why it wasnt taken to the Patent Office, although it made it to a Swiss art show. Tom Petty has a Cappy ASC and a Libra Moon conj Libra Venus and he is sooo gorgeous. Virgo Moon, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn here.. maybe due the pluto moon, very passionate and everything goes, very experimental.I never had complaints. Venus, Sun, Saturn, Pholus, Jupiter, Mercury, Dejaniera, Chiron in 1st. I have moon and venus in scorpio, and I can tell for myself about it. Lilith is conjunct my asc ,opposite saturn, saturn is opposite my asc in the seventh house. However, in the few cases of severe child abuse and murder in the family as seen below, the Mars-Pluto aspect shows up too frequently to be a "coincidence". The Basic House Rulers23 Simple Steps for Beginners. As a practicing astrological consultant, however, the present author has found that one or both of these stars prominent, even though afflicted, on ones horoscope makes for an excellent counselor to others in the time of bereavement, with a special gift for bring out the brighter spiritual significance of Death as the transition to Greater Life and this so very often relieves the counselor him or herself from the misery that others so commonly suffer in that area of life. Thank YOU so much for sharing and Welcome Paige! Saturn was in Scorpio at 09 55. So Im just saying in the previous comment that I think this article is biased. Huh? Venus is in the Fall in Scorpio. neptune is just concealing the way you actually appear to others and present yourself and act. Oh come on. 14 The male-female differences driven to the extreme: God Bless you <3. Pluto conjunct Venus in 1st I am the odd one out but not the first: Precession. Your email address will not be published. I would say his coloring is a little darker. My great great grandfather was murdered by his own country for trying to gain Cuba's independence even though he was a Spaniard. As everything has two sides, it has to be said that high spiritual rays are emanating from Algol also, but only those human beings can receive them who have already reached high spiritual development. Thank you, Love! Also 7th house stelluim with Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn sitting there closely together and my Virgo Sun is opposite my ascendant Pisces(Sun conjunct Descendant) so you can call me Miss Co dependent. With all 10 planets, nodes, and some basic asteroids I have just about every shape like 3 kites, grand trine, imperfect star of david, castle, mystic rectangle, 3 yods, 2 t-squares, and a grandcross. Each one would have a different meaning, Deja, but pain would be associated with the THEME of the asteroid. These people are unable to look down to see their feet, and when under stress, are unable to bend the neck forward or in any direction. My 26 degree Taurus sun is in the 8th house and that house cusp is also 26 degrees of Taurus. With my above comment, I was exaggerating about my school experience and that even though I maybe still gifted I still shouldnt take courses out of my range and overload my schedule being to eager and overhungry for knowledge. Moon conj. Algol is the worst fixed star. She was known for being amazingly beautiful and her hair was her crowning glory literally. sun square moon I do not have hard aspects to my Merc but my mother was sooo hard and I feel crazy from this and so my mental health is so important to me i.e trying to feel stable. Awww You have some mitigating factors for a mercury/Uranus square. Algol also blesses you with a very unique appearance that may not be conventionally considered pretty or handsome, but which will draw people to you and be very engaging. Many a fine counselor and healer has Algol thus placed. Fixed star Algol is of the nature of Saturn and Jupiter (dignified, pious, conservative, acquisitive, retentive.) Of course, as this star is also linked to alcohol and addiction, it can mean that artists or members of the media have addiction issues, as is sadly often the case. The placement of Venus in the 8th house affects the natal chart in many ways. You must be talking about illegal aliens.They know full well theyre breaking our laws. 96 people love it! Your fatalistic viewpoint of not only Virgo but squares means that for someone like me, there is nothing to work around. Im interested in any transits that would potentially set it off. This makes me stay on earth. It is a lot of pressure for a person! Besides the obvious, these individuals are never happy/satisfied, thus easily prone to depression & even think of death too much. Saturn FIxed stars are only important if they are conjunct a planet, or Ascendant or Midheaven. i dont want to be this way anymore, please help me. Very intelligent, spoke at a very young age. It is true, I do need to manage my money and budget better and find more jobs and resources to boost my skills and income. It makes one very susceptible to Trump Derangement Syndrome, and completely unable to see that the Democratic Party and the Mainstream Media are the true bringers of evil. Not fun. YES. True that Algol comes from an old Arabic word meaning particularly nasty spirit but then, as we have noted, we all too easily look back and within ourselves only to be halted at our traumas and nasty bits, failing to penetrate further to the glory beyond them. With Virgo Sun, he is too hard on himself. If you have this placement then you are very creative but you may also destroy things around you at the same time. Great list! On December 9, 1984, research on casualties at Hiroshima and Nagasaki led to the Alta Summit, the beginnings of the Human Genome Project. I don't need anything from you, except to serve you. Interesting. Fascinating stuff. and even then, you still want to serve so you gotta be careful how much you give! Big baby not bony at all. Of course they do. [3] Very difficult to avoid accidents and severe injuries. My 12th house Leo Mars opposes a 6th house Sun/Saturn one degree conjunction. Maybe I am both. Same, except mine is in my 1st house. If you pick two, I will try to help and Welcome Alex! Yes, Laura. I feel blessed and protected even though I have no placement in the second and third decan of Taurus. I am still too shy to send him a text and ask him his birth year. Jupiter was conjunct Algol. Its image is a human head cut off at the neck. Saturn conjunct Algol: Very difficult to avoid accidents and severe injuries. It is only when it is in conjunction with Jupiter, and when the said conjunction receives soft aspects, that Algol may bring about power and wealth. [7]. He also has a Yod with Sun Sextile Jupiter quincunx the Galactic Centre. The Unaspected Moon is a child who never grew up. Im nurturing everybody, yet I end up getting hurt. Aries sun, moon pluto opposition, venus, mercury. That was the rebellious uranus finally waking up to fight saturns total control and oppression! This star is considered the most evil star in the heavens and I do believe the evil that has been perpetuated since this man was elected has flourished. It certainly turned my life upside down, i packed up me and my 2 children(both under 3) got on a bus in the middle of the night with $175 to start our lives overheaded across the United States to a place I didnt know, my ex had to hire private eye to find us.but I couldnt let my kids be hurt like I was! I am sorry. I was trying to desctibe the pure traits of the ASC but they are always mitigated by other factors in the chart. Chiron sq Lilith could be pain with sexuality, maybe due to abuse or just being kind of shut down/fearful of ones body, in general.Thank you for your sweet comment and Welcome Monique! It is all about them and they are the last to know lol. Jupiter Square Asc node 447 -16 This can dull the conscience and the sense of right and wrong.The more planets involved, the more severe the lack of conscience. Children of a marriage contracted on this day will be protected by influential figures. There are no divisions in the sky. i've been suicidal most of my . Jupiter1210, neptune 2637 -capricorn Im sure Ill have other setbacks, but I know I will thrive because of everything Ive survived. I hope I can do this in my articles. Algol conjunct the ASC. Is a conjunction anything like having your natal Sun in 26 degrees of Taurus ? Funny he was like an old man in a childs body. Would you be interested in a more superficial reading from me, for which I would charge less? Can get obsessive when it comes to love. #23 is quite a bold statement but I agree entirely OCD and very fearful. 6. Jupiter Square Neptune 056 -62 Sometimes a little knowledge is a dangerous thing. That transit will be influenced by Uranus conjunct Algol. With that being said, I dont think people can actually work out squares. The 2 times I get infatuated both of them appear to have mars in Virgo. Mars in 12th YEA, the chart shows us our earth suit, Janay. Saturn conj the MC. Sun merc combust. When do you think the Uranus transit will affect William ? One can leave this world and go to the next with imagination, creativity, music, art, God or drugs, alcohol and addictions which are harmful for us. Yep. Sixty-eighth Legislative Assembly of North Dakota Introduced by Representative Mitskog Senator Bekkedahl A BILL for an Act to create and enact a new section to chapter 57-36 of the North Dakota . You and astrologer IQ are amazing. [3] Very difficult to avoid accidents and severe injuries. She is a classic example of the dark Algol native youve described. Max, are we listening to an artists musical anthology at the point where the audience wants something else? On July 16, 1945, we exploded the first nuclear bomb, the Trinity Test in Nevada. Helps the finding of treasures and retaining of captives. FFS stop believing everything the lamestream media tells you. I have only started looking into lately. Mars Square Asc node 305 -46 Which aspects would you add here, Friend? Let us get with the squares. Mercury conjunct Algol: David Beckham 000 (and Ascendant), Eric Burdon 007, Johnny Depp 021 (and Venus), Alexei Navalny 040, Jay Leno 044, Mark Wahlberg 055, Salvador Dali 120 (and Mars), Clint Eastwood 122, Joseph Gurney Cannon 122. Sorry about that. Ptolemy referred to it as the Gorgon of Perseus and associated it with death by decapitation: mirroring the myth of the hero Perseus victory over the snake-headed Gorgon Medusa. Mars is 13 degrees away but I think it is still part of that stellium due to being within orb of the other points. NO, not as bad in the progressed chart, Anna, in my opinion. How close are the Chiron oppositions? Children separated for years from their parents ? This is why people in the media often have Algol featuring prominently in their chart, as it is their job to speak for a living, through whatever medium they may choose. Some famous people with this placement in their charts include Marlene Dietrich, Frida Kahlo, Prince Albert, Elena Ford, Donald Trump, Woody Allen, Uma Thurman, Agatha Christie, and Henry Ford. I do have a Trine involving Moon and Mercury and a sextile involving a Pisces Jupiter. Sun/Moon/Pluto conjunct 29 degree of Virgo. Derived from the same root as alcohol. The dark one has the property of pure Saturn character; the lighter one corresponds not only to Saturnian influence but also to Mars-Uranus-Pluto nature. One can never say things straight out. Scary possibility of new covid mutation? Neptune Quincunx mc, This question would take my doing an entire chart. It takes into account silly things like feeling oversexed as a Venus in Scorpio, despite the fact that its actually a loyal aspect. actually the most mentally ill and destructive, chaotic person ever known so far. This was written 2 years ago, but I just had to respond. I hear you, Anon. You must be talking about illegal aliens.They know full well theyre breaking our laws. I mostly click with moon in scorpio woman due our mutual depth and intensity equal. It is a sign of great intelligence. Also, you are my kind of guy with a sense of humor . I walked away even though I was in love with him just couldnt set myself up for that kind of failure. I do agree with the fantasy life good/bad interp you wrote. Ok. an 8th house stellium and 4th house moon 12th house mars. He would immediately get defensive if I said anything. The Fixed Star Health and Behavior Imbalance, Ted George and Barbara Parker, 1985, p.21. Whilst I dont have a real penchant for murder or mayhem, I am definitely a schadenfreude in that I get a perverse pleasure from others misfortunes. Pluto 037, ceres 220 -sagittarius I like to think of it as her third eye. It gives wonderful creative talents such as art and music, from which you can make a good living. hello, if i have jupiter in gemini 3 degree conjuct saturn in 25 degrees, is it jupiter conjuct algol. or it relates only to the natal one? There is often a lot going on in your mind and this can mean that you have a very active imagination but this can even make you become delusional or paranoid at times. My goal is to somehow make a difference before I am gone, and to be a strong role model for my 5 granddaughters. What does Jupiter opposition Ascendant and conjunct Descendant mean? Never met an infant/toddler/pre/schooler/ grade schooler who knew full well they broke the law. Overall my approach can really be self-centered and this can lead to a lack of empathy and consideration for others. Or the cold hard truth. A wounded Moon thats difficult to heal. North Node conjunct Algol: LeBron James 045, Stephen King 046, Cecilia Bartoli 112, Katy Perry 134, Hillary Clinton 152. In turn, you may also start to crave attention and act in negative ways in order to get it. 25. Neptune at 26 Scorpio opposite Algol, NN at 26 Pisces sextile Algol, Jupiter conjunct South Node at 26 Virgo, MC at 27 Cancer, IC at 27 Capricorn all trine Algol. On May 21, 2008, the Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act became law To prohibit discrimination on the basis of genetic information with respect to health insurance and employment [11]. I studied Journalism but Im not a writer or speaker. You wrote; These are not in order. I have been called brilliant by many, but Ive also been called crazy by many. She is going to lose. The fixed star Algol is also part of the Perseus constellation and historically . Born Monday 19 July 1976 @ 12PM in Hammersmith, England. This is one the reason I sometimes doubt if Astrology is true. Hi I think you would really cringe at my chart, 2nd house sun pluto vulcan moon, venus, north node, all stellium with the last four square mars on the cusp of the 12th house. Yes. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Not to sound patronising or conceited but I think you are Great. Very Fortunate Jupiter/ Mars. 7. It is now considered to be a point in your chart that shows you losing your head over something or someone. I cannot find one saving grace in this barbarian who stands on his lying haunches and sends derogatory remarks about patriotic workers of our democracy.\. That is a good point. I sense them from miles away. 5, 12, 23, 27 and 29. Yes, about the Cappy ASC being a little old man lol. Charlotte has {natal} Mars in the 12th. I have Sun, Mercury and Venus in Taurus in the 5th/6th house. Scorpio nessus in the 12th. Well, most of chart are conjunctions and squares Its the same as tropical astrology but the signs are pushed back 23 degrees and it deals with the constellations in the sky. Fixed Stars and Judicial Astrology, George Noonan, 1990, p.21. i also have a capricorn moon though, cap IC with a hard family life, sun square uranus with the classic absent/dangerous father story, an 8th house stellium and 4th house moon 12th house mars. 7.40am. He brings a joy and openness to life that others appreciate. Shes ex sister because I cut ties with her 10years ago. Scorpio Through the Houses in Astrology. South Node conjunct Algol: James VI and I 032, Justin Bieber 051. Alcohol has very strong negative influence on him. Dont worry about the 8th House. Metaphysical forms of sex, such as tantra . Sun Square Lilith 052 -116 Some people have admitted this to me. . Im assuming this means eccentricy and being an unconditional loving mother will be a theme in my life, correct? Yikesall that Scorpio and a weak Mars. Another toughie is Saturn square uranus.when its tight! because of how complex astrology is. You are not alone there. ; Venus sq Mars; Jupiter sq Saturn; Uranus sq Neptune and for good measure Sun sq Neptune, Vesta; Moon sq Uranus and Chiron; Vesta sq Chiron and Saturn sq Pluto. Oh I think houses matter ! I do believe that planets conjunct fixed stars are of significance, but I put aspect patterns, declinations, among others of higher importance. Even then, it has to be noted that those particular persons will have difficulties and obstacles in their way, and they have to use much energy to overcome these handicaps. Jupiter Conjunction Saturn 727 92 It gives success to petitions, makes the wearer bold and magnanimous, preserves the body, protects against witchcraft, and turns evil and spells back upon those who work them. I overthink a lot. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); 2016 2023 Bree @ Spiritual Design Astrology.Copyright Notice: This content is protected by copyright and other intellectual property laws. My mother and my 1st (and really only friend as a child) both had prominent Virgo and Pisces placements. Does not have a bony nose. Moon conjunct Algol: Violent death or extreme sickness. I have: idk? The 2nd says "wealth buys freedom" while the 8th says "less is more". Each does a distinct job and has a distinct nature. uranus square N Node Thank you, very interesting, I have Venus and Mercury @ 27 Taurus, I definitely have a distinctive voice & was called Medusa as a child due to my crazy hair, I guess I need to remember to keep calm & not lose my head. I also have Mars in the 12th in Gemini. Some famous people with this placement in their charts include Debra Winger, Margot Fonteyn, Liberace, Marshall Applewhite, Brian Eno, Eric Satie, Ayatollah Khomeini, David Byrne, George Lucas, and Pierre Currie. I was on the receiving end of a plethora of physical, emotional and psychological abuse. which I agree is very intense. If purpose and intent be shady, then we dont really need stars to tell us that things are likely, with good reason, to go wrong. Mercury was conjunct Algol. Also funny is he is a very late Sagg ASC (28 or 29 degrees), so most of his 1st house is CAP and he is naturally very skinny and has a big hook nose! xox, I would have to disagree with you with the first house stuff pertaining to Neptune in the 1st this makes a person very self sacrificing not selfish, almost to the point where they can lose themselves, and Im a Scorpio Rising and rather boney Gemini sun as well I am short and skinny. Ripped the cartilage in his knee accident. The teeth, nose or ears may also be striking in some way, either extremely beautiful, large or deformed. He needs a woman to be the aggressor. Fixed star Algol, Beta Persei, is a 2.1 magnitude, rare triple star and eclipsing binary, located in the Medusa's Head, carried in the left hand of the Hero, Perseus Constellation.The name Algol comes from the Arabic word , meaning Head of the Ogre.The English translation became Demon Star, with other names being Satan's Head, the Spectre . Thank u 4 ur kind words Ami, much appreciated! unaspected moon in cancer here. The ancients mistrusted Algol's blinking and inexplicable 8 hour disappearances. You really need to see how you and he go together in terms of the synastry before you judge, my Friend. Chiron Conj the ASCthis is severe bullying that effects the person throughout life, such that they never get over it. Salvador Dali 021 (and Mercury), Nancy Pelosi 043, Robert De Niro 045, Liberace 137.
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