14 users are following. it seems like, from my read through of the comments above, the main people that thad re-rupture were ones who fell getting out of the shower or bed and didnt have any type of protection. If you want to get notified by every reply to your post, please register. Very disappointed since I have made so much progress and even went in for my initial PT session and was told I was doing excellent. I didnt notice anything there. Trying to make myself feel better. Luckily in my fall i didn't wind up moving or fracturing the bone that was realigned. The first 3 weeks coming to terms with it, Click here for the Group Marathon Tracker. Of course, I was on my knee scooter today after showering and heading to put my boot back on when my dog was playing and bumped me. She sported a white bandage on her left foot. It's harder to ride the knee scooter with the hard cast but I guess I'll get used to it. I started full boot walking (FWB) at 4 1/2 weeks and have not experienced any pain at all when I boot walk. Will let you know more on Monday! Two days later and had a second scooter fall with full weight down on my bad leg. I am 12 days post op and just had a pretty scary fall. Different methods of straightening the toe are employed. I am in pain but more worried I did damage. So how does the tendon feel today? Sharing my story since Ive been helped by all the other stories here: 10 days after my surgery I put my full weight on the leg while I was in a cast. Been massaging it through out the day and seems to help. It was mostly getting over the mental fear of falling and lack of confidence. So, for now, no extra stretching, no walking in a pool, etc. The operation is often used to treat severe pain that is uncontrollable and cannot be controlled by conventional therapies, physical therapy, herbal remedies, splints, or pain medications. It was only for a split second but it hurt a lot. Surgery two weeks ago, currently in a soft cast. It is a weird feeling. Tingly, sore, pain? Mine is still pretty stiff(can only move the joint 30 maybe 40% of the way back) but should clear up with enough therapudic methoods every day such as moving it geny on the groud out of the boot & bending it back & forth with an elastic band at least 10 minutes a day. Any update? Im about 10 days away from my first appointment but this has been helpful. Other than the top of my foot now hurting I couldn't have asked for a better outcome. Should I worry? He said the increase pain I was having, among other symptoms, was probably due to tension put on sutures when I put weight on it. Glad to hear you're doing we'll. was very encouraging and relieving. About 2 weeks after my surgery I lost balance and I smacked my bare foot down on the bathroom floor while getting out of the shower. Also, I dont know why but my brain is like forcing me to put some pressure on the injured foot like to extend the toes. He had our roommate cook every dinner and he took care of the rest. Wow ScottG thats an awful, awful story. Minimally invasive surgery on 6/14 10 days later stitches came out and it re-ruptured that night. The doc just wants me to walk in the boot. Or did you for a time? i originally plan on waiting a year for it to heal up then doing my other foot. The doctor does not open till tomorrow so I have to just wait it out. The main reason I am worrisome is the pain is mostly in my heal where my sutures are reconnecting my tendon. I went to close window so Im hopping over very short distance while bracing myself on furniture on my way back went to sit down and put all my weight On injured foot omg . -David. He said I could remove the 2nd one in another two weeks if it all feels good. Which was kinda frustrating and surprising. But you are right - my husband is reminding me that no matter what happens, we will figure it out. Historically, these procedures have been performed through large incisions, but at HSS, I have perfected two special techniques to correct bunions through tiny incisions. Let me know how your Thursday appt goes. The first time I fell it was 2 weeks post up and I was in a hard cast. Im now about 5 weeks post op, and hopefully can start full weight bearing in a boot in a week. Id appreciate any thoughts (reassuring or otherwise) about this. Haha. Im so glad to have found these replies! After about 15 minutes or so the shooting pain was gone and my pain level was back to my normal. Im really thankful I found this blog. Put ice behind the knee. They affect about a third of all women over the age of 65, but younger people, including men, can also get them. The tendon still appears to be intact, though I do have what appears to be a marble-sized knot on the tendon right below the bottom of the surgical incision. No pain. Fingers crossed hoping its not re-ruptured. The results are generally excellent for reducing joint pain and allowing increased activity.Using surgical engineering, we are able to get the big toe joint to bend again, saving many such arthritic joints. They will get you answer one way or another! WebBUT the walker caught on the thick carpet and I tumbled forward, accidentally stepped WebYou are typically in a sneaker about 8 weeks after surgery and can increase your activity Thanks everyone for the posts! Typically intubation and heavy anesthesia is not needed for this type of procedure. I'm not looking forward to the initial two weeks of elevation and no mobility, but the sooner we start, the sooner it'll be over! I think that my advise to anyone that is recovering, is to really take it easy and rest the leg as best as you can for the 2 weeks post op. Just spoke with my doctor. I was terrified that I might have ruined the whole process! Webaccidentally stepped on foot after bunion surgery5 types of digging in volleyball accidentally stepped on foot after bunion surgery. respect of any healthcare matters. This is bringing me hope. I slipped off my scooter and put some weight on my leg I am one week post surgery. What a relief to read these posts! I guess Ive just been really fortunate because I had very little swelling and really no pain to speak of. I dont have my next appointment for another 10 days. Instinctively put my bad foot down to stop a fall, then fell back in the chair. Its always best to check with your doctor, but I wouldnt worry yourself too much. I just read your story! The recurrence rate is about 20% over a patients lifetime. To ensure successful bunion surgery recovery: A surgical operation to cut a bone is called an osteotomy. I fell forward and tumbled over, feeling a rip and shock feeling. So happy I didnt do any damage except for a bit of pain but I can manage. i want to have my left foot done too but im not sure if ill have enough strength to have my current -bad-. 2023 MH Sub I, LLC dba Internet Brands. Reading this makes me feel better about what just happened. I had a pretty bad scooter crash. Im 4.5 weeks post op and slipped on my crutches tonite. Your bunion took years of wear and tear to form. Im a really big person (300+) and put all my weight on it and still did not tear it. I was in immense pain and agony and it felt like a ripping and tingling sensation, and the paranoid side of me was thinking I pray to god I didnt just re-tear my achilles after all my progress! I had to wait 2 days to see my doctor as I was getting ready to be placed in a boot and the anxiety ate me alive lol. ), I'm using my partner's email because this server would not let me register. wanan know if bunion and hammertoe surgery is the way to go, tailors bunion surgery-right foot--purple and pain--need suggestions/advice, Tailors Bunion/Bunionette surgery, Pain & Swelling after nearly 3 months, I'm 4 weeks into my bunion surgery I have 5 screws, Caution: Do NOT Have Bunion/Hammertoe/Plantar Fasciitis/Bone Spur Surgery All At One Time. Why destroy a joint if you can save it? Like you all, I had instant shock, but its since went away. Sign up for all the best celeb news from the Mirrorhere. Dont Miss: Pain In Front Of Ankle And Top Of Foot. I am a week in post surgery and I am in a splint. NOT TORN!!! And one of the most important things to have in mind is to find the best possible doctor because dealing with some screw problems can easily turn this non-invasive procedure into disaster and cause even bigger problems after bunion surgery. Im about 6 weeks post op, (not good with the medical terms) I dont know how much weight I put on it. I too, thought I tore it again. The screw head is approx 2-3mm above the bone, so that small area can create swelling and discomfort to the top of the foot. Basically they said that the odds of tearing it again are extraordinarily low. Of course instinctively caught myself for a split second on post op foot. Notes on Any one else fall on their foot after having a bunionectomy 5 days ago? I'll be NWB for another 4 weeks. Add me as a statistic. Should I be worried?? My question: I feel like there is a steel rod pushing through both sides of my ankle, and sometimes on the top of my foot. Initially, there was some discomfort on back of achilles near incision and didnt think a ton of it. Because I accidentally landed on my foot getting out of bed without my boot it cause the gap and now Im schedule for another surgery. After reading your posts. I slipped off my scooter and slammed my surgical foot on the floor at exactly 2 weeks post op. Simply put, an orthopedic surgeon manually realigns the injured joint, then removes the cartilage and proceeds with stabilizing the bone in order to recover together. However, I'm thinking that since the pain didn't get worse, and has even calmed down, maybe I'm OK. If I had to guess, Id say I didnt re-rupture it, but it was definitely enough of a fall to freak me out. It did feel much better afterwards. I am worried though about re-rupturing my achilles. I fretted until I saw the doctor for my first post-surgical appointment, but I told him what I had done and he said everything looked fine. Initially there was an incredible amount of pain, took off the boot and the wrap to ensure I didnt tear the stitches open. I felt a horrible pain in my calf at the site of the gastroc lengthening. Unless they say its more of a deal with the pain and slowly work it type deal. There is no need to worry about your recovery well make sure everything goes smoothly and that you dont experience any problems with bunion surgery screws. Im on my 5 days post surgery, when my crutches slipped i accidenttaly put my cast non weight bearing on floor as part of my reflect, im so shocked but thank god i found this forum, open stitches schedule still away on aug 6th so finger crossed x Had detach reattach surgery today am in splint & slipped with scooter. Slower Healing: The healing process for traditional bunion surgery can be painful. However everything feels a bit looser .. just not as stiff as before. There was a slight initial pain (gone after a minute or 2) but it was fine this morning, and there isnt any swelling. She was spotted with a bandage on her foot last week whilst leaving the doctors. The pain went away about 30 minutes later, but my incision was bleeding a little still. Im lucky as I have a lot of support at home. Most are able to walk within a few days of surgery. When I got there and unwrapped my leg he examined my calf and was able to diagnosis that the tendon was still attached and also gave me a thompson test Which he said my ankle was reacting too. WebMost patients are very pleased with their post-op recovery period after Lapiplasty 3D bunion correction surgery. i run a small fast casual restaurant and am on my feet most of my 10 hour days. Id have to think youre good that far out. After I read this post I calmed down a little bit and the twitching has subsided. Well, my body thought otherwise and I torned my Achilles tendon. Instinctively I fully extended my bad leg and used only my heel to plant. I was lucky when I fell doing a similar thing (one little step in the house, using crutches). There was definitely a sharp, brief stab, and some resulting throbbing. I appreciate everyones stories and advice by the way, stay strong and patient everyone! But more than likely, youre just fine. This is generally the moderate stage of the development of a bunion. I emailed surgeon and left VM with nurse but no call back yet. The bones lengthening, straightening, or shortening after being cut may occur unexpectedly during surgery or gradually after. Today, I was able to push back on the docs hands with more force than Ive been able to since surgery. My surgeon has been doing this for 17 years and I was the first patient in his history to ever rupture after this type of surgery. A bit worried, and wondering if I should call the doc or wait a few day till the 6th. Ive been walking in a boot for the past 4 weeks and have gotten pretty good at it. I do have a little tingle in my toes which is scaring me. Im 3 weeks post surgery today - had my stitches out yesterday. Therefore, just shaving the bump helps some, but comes with a high rate of recurrence. At this point I still ice most of the day. Im now onto dealing with my surgical wound, and making sure it heals correctly, so wish me luck on that! !Also nice to know im not traveling through this shit storm alone. Thank you all. Extremely anxious but hopefully Ill also be once again on the road to recovery. Yikes! Hi all, Finding this blog gave me a sense of relief! I hope ALL OF YOU have the best recovery possible, and thanks so much for sharing!! Patients are in a cast for two weeks and then must return to have their sutures removed. Although I passed the Thompson test, reflex test and moving my foot up and down and side to side there was a gap shown in the MRI that had occurred during my fall. Felt something that didnt feel like pain but more like an electric shock. healing process cycle after tailor bunion surgery, Simultaneous hammertoe and bunion surgery - how long for rec. But as a caretaker who works from home and helps every time she has to get up, I am so frightened and have no idea what to do. Was multitasking on my scooter and lost my center of balance and fell forward. speedy recovery. Anthony, I still sleep in my boot since Im NWB for a couple more weeks. Patient is a UK registered trade mark. The recovery itself can take up to six weeks, but the entire healing process may last for up to six months. Should I be worried? I also have PTTD symptoms in my better foot, and I can't imagine doing this again. The fiberglass edge of the cast caused more pain under my toes than the tendon site itself. All I have to say is dont be stress and stop researching things you dont want to read or hear because all youre doing is ruining your days to come. Hiker dreams, thanks for giving us an update. Our clinical information meets the standards set by the NHS in their Standard for Creating Health Content guidance. She has difficulty getting out of chairs and cannot hop when using crutches. I'm just trying to be extra careful! Bunionplasty refers to the method with which the skin is handled to limit scarring for a more aesthetic result. My right foot feels so good now and my left foot hurts like heck when I play soccer (my main source of exercise). Live up north where I was holed up. I am 3 weeks 2 days post op for achilles debridement and calcaneal exostomy (sorry for the spelling). Do Not Sell or Share My Personal Information. The Dr made a new, very supportive orthotic for that foot just before my surgery. I think that some pressure, compared with slipping onto the injured foot, cant really make a lot of damage, and while I pressure, since wasnt weight bearing I think the ankle didnt even flexed or moved that much. Right now, though, I just have pain around my ankle. This allowed me to focus and celebrate my mini achievements through the healing process (rom, going partial to full weight bearing, to walking etc). I am 11 days post op (tore Achilles playing soccer), and have an appointment with my Doc tomorrow to assess healing of stitches so that I can be moved into a moon boot with heel lifts. Ive also heard that if you re-rupture, you would hear and feel that snap again just like what happened during your original rupture. I fould that keeping the leg elevated and using ice periodically also really helped keep the swelling down over the first several weeks. We are leaders in the research and treatment of all foot and ankle conditions. Physio has given me some low pressure exercises to do daily and is encouraging me to put around 10% of pressure on the injured leg, when I walk. DONT USE YOUR CRUTCHES TO GO UP STAIRS - no matter how puny they look. Heel shifting, bond grafting, plates and screws. Some bunion deformities worsen more rapidly than others, but they all get worse with time. I immediately went inside and iced it down. Just two days after my bunion surgery I accidentally tripped while in cruthces and ended up putting all of my weight on the foot that was just operated on. Will be far more careful from now on. The pain was ongoing for a couple of hours but it was no where near the pain of the initial rupture or the few days after surgery. The typical recovery duration after bunion surgery is 6 weeks to 6 months, depending on the amount of soft tissue and bone affected. Full recovery may take as long as 1 year. When you are showering or bathing, the foot has to be kept covered to keep the stitches dry. Stitches are eliminated after 7 to 21 days. I went in to see him and he touched everywhere and checked and there were no gaps or anything and he said I was fine. KG do you sleep in your boot? I was able to see my surgeon at noon, after many nervous minutes and concern on his part, he was able to confirm that the Achilles was still continuous, and attached. I didnt hear/feel anything, and sounds like you didnt either, so I bet its just a little scare. You will be able to bathe, but the area should be kept completely covered with a plastic bag. It hurt really bad for the rest of the night but I took some pain killers and managed to get some sleep. Osteoarthritis (wear and tear arthritis) is not alleviated by surgery. Since then i have had to put weight on my foot 2x, but only for a brief moment to keep from falling. Not only was there no damage, but everything healed very nicely. I knew immediately that Id done so because I literally felt it pulling off the heel bone, and it literally sounded like someone tearing fabric in two. I took off my boot and checked my incision point which was now covered in Seri strips since the sutures were out. I just got the walking boot on September 21. Turns out I sprained my ankle, but did not injure the tendon. Anyone else felt this or am I imagining it?! Landed on my toes of the injured foot and felt a pain throughout my leg. This seems to be the little oasis we all find after googling accidentally put weight on foot after achilles surgery..ha! Do you know majorsite ? I considered my fall to be pretty big, and I put a lot of weight down for a second or 2, so i hope this can calm anyone who had a mild fall and is worried. He said depending on how much weight went down through foot and how much time, would affect how much pain/symptoms youd have. LOL If my exterior stitches healed that fast..Theres a good chance my interior stitches held up ok. After all, more than 60% was un torn, so only 40% was repaired. Should I call doctor? When one part of the complex foot system is altered, every part of the system is changed, even beyond the foot. The doctor's office said to watch it and see how the pain is after the weekend. It makes walking normaly on it seeem dangerous & unstable & generally uncomfortable & painful if you bend it before the joint stiffness clears up. Well, the good news is that I saw my surgeon today, and although Im a bit banged up and bruised, my protective boot did its job and saved me from rerupturing my achilles. If I felt any severe pain then he would want me to come in. I was pretty scared so I did what most people do and googled this type of incident. Thanks everyone! What an absolute scare. Good luck! Medication (which I had been off) helped with the pain it was still painful but lessened with meds which was what they told me to look for. It is FREE! The pain is probably from the trauma of it. Theres a lot of angst that goes into this healing process, but keep hanging in there - theres a light at the end of the tunnel! But it did cause some new areas of pain and increased pain in some of the areas that felt bad after surgery (I had near zero discomfort about 48 hrs after surgery.). That cools the blood going to the foot. just updating for the next poor soul who happens upon this encouraging blog for the same unfortunate reason. Itll come - keep the faith! I am in a walking boot and air brace at night. Glad to find these posts. Now flash forward to 3 weeks post op I am out of the cast and now in the big boot. Thanks! This is day 16 post-op for me. They are said to have been removed from her left foot this month. Let me know how it goes with you. Our number one complication is irritation from the retained hardware or screw. Registered number: 10004395 Registered office: Fulford Grange, Micklefield Lane, Rawdon, Leeds, LS19 6BA. The surgeon has two options for internal or external fixation after the osteotomy. For more information or to schedule a consultation, please call 736-6001 or visit us here to make an appointment online. Last night I slipped and put all weight on nwb foot. Oh Mark, Im sorry to hear that! Different procedures are available for bunions of varying severity. Should I buy a night splint or something? Now, of course, accidents so happen and people here have had them. My body ended up in a pose sort of similar to a runner at the start of a race. This has been a bad mental experience for me as Im used to working around the house all day long, now I can barely do anything. While its always risky to draw conclusions with a sample of one, I do think that the casts and boots do a great job of providing protection. It was pretty quick but still left me feeling traumatized. I am now using a transport chair to move her to the toilet to minimize how much crutches or walker use she has to do. I think I sort of stood on the toes of that foot for a second). Bit freaked to say the leasthate to have 2-3 week set back. My doctor said if your waking boot or cast is on during a fall, there is only the smallest of chances of a rerupture of because those things both are made to keep your foot immobile, keeping the tendon from stretching. I'm 3 months post surgery and because it's revision surgery from a fusion in 2016, I'm so afraid of anyweight on the new surgery I use the wheelchair most of the time. Now the tendon doesnt hurt, but it hurts a bit higher up, I guess near the calf muscle. Called the doctor and he told he thinks i am fine but i am stressing the hell out. for being 2.5 months post op are you able to walk again with no problem? Had surgery back on July 23, and Im scheduled to have my hard cast removed this Thursday August 6. I still have movements up and down, side to side. Truck driver But I dont know I think and going mental with this and wanted to share. Second surgery was open then a week later I had to get a third surgery to debride a hematoma. So hard to grasp the loss of my independence and ability to do my usual activities. Still very tight. Anyone else have that feeling? One time I felt a ripping and the second time just pain in the tendon and toes (pain the first time too). I am in my third week of pt. I still have some months until I return to normal activity, but the small victories are keeping me positive. Appointment today. ive followed the drs instructions to elevate and ice consistently. If youre worried about possible problems, you can talk to a specialist at LuxeFoot Surgery clinic. Very comforted to find this thread and the shocking number of us that have experienced similar knee scooter or crutch mishaps. The tingly sensation reminded me that I wasnt ready so I ended up sitting back down. 3 weeks post op, completely ruptured my Achilles. I had some intense pain in the Achilles and a stretching sensation but no pop. She hasnt had any of the types of fall or dramatic slips described by many on this blog. For mild cases, non-invasive methods, like wraps, splints, and other apparatus can be worn, but these do not correct the bunion. Eric_Mark_1 hello,, I'm on week 3 of bunion surgery, I tripped while using the stairs and put full weight on my affected leg, it's been 12 hours and I still feel swelling on feet bottom and sometimes pressure against the operated area. Its just a really weird feeling. I was worrying too about getting out ahead of the rush. My foot hurts today in the arch but I'm not sure if that's from the removal of the twenty five staples yesterday and bending it to a ninety degree angle to put the cast on. Due to both the pain and the potentially bulky or rigid footwear that may be required, sleeping can be difficult, so it is important to take pain medication as soon as you feel sensation in your foot following your operation.
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