//document.write(''); $51.98. You aren't solo when you pick Behlen Guitar Finishing eLabel: event.eLabel || "", "productPageTemplate": $(this).data("product-page-template") .cart-slideout .item .item-name { FREE Aerosol Guitar Finishing CourseGet a pro quality finish on your next guitar! if (document.querySelector("body > .customer-service")) { }; display: none; : https://www.solomusicgear.com/?ref=151. On the contrary, Palmetto, my experience is that drop fills like this can turn out darker than the surrounding finish, because the torn fibers suck up finish like a sponge. var update_instock = function() { The guitar's neck has about 8 coats of lacquer, not including 2 coats of vinyl sealer. } .mz-expand .mz-figure img[src*=".svg"] { $('.image-carousel img').first().attr('src') // fallback carousel img } Then wiped down with a . } amber tone when applied lightly and builds warmth with added depth !$('#js-pdp-image-container').data('is-stewmax'); Applies to product(s) below. } $(".tmx-pdp")[0] return (cF.replace('{0}', to_price)); .js-product-variants .mz-figure .mz-hint { This allows you to build more variation when used to $244.26. } catch (e) { 'International ' : ''}Standard function build_observer(check, code, disconnect, timeout_killswitch, fn_killswitch, target) { Its the stuff sold at Home Depot and Lowes (Deft). ColorTone Nitrocellulose Guitar Lacquer. }); Nitrocellulose IS lacquer - the name LACQUER is a proprietary name the Plasti-Kote used at the time as it wasn't varnish, or shellac neither of which Fender, Gibson, Martin, or any other guitar ever used once . } e.append(new_img); }, /* type: 'POST', `);